Nunzio Termini consecrated his whole life to the Company that he named after him, “Moka Termini”. He went a long way from opening an old fashioned coffee bar in the 1930s, to achieving a huge industrial plant in the modern Palermo. Then, when he reached the age we usually think good for retiring, after a lifetime entirely dedicated to his Company, he devoted himself to making a dream come true. At the age of seventy, this coffee artist went on the grand journey to Brazil. He paid a visit to those coffee plantations he had purchased raw beans from for decades. He went to select personally, bean by bean, the blend destined to be his masterpiece. The “Caffè del Professore” outstanding coffee blend was about to be born. In Brazil, he used to spend the whole day observing coffee plants. A particular kind of bean, that grew higher on the plant, drew his attention. Coffee beans usually come in pairs: these special ones were lonely in their pod, having a rounder shape. Natives called that bean “Caracolito”, a name that has music in itself… Those beans owned that particular fragrance, taste and energy that were to give “Caffè del Professore” its unique “aroma”. Mister Termini went back to Palermo carrying hundreds of samples, each labeled and classified. The hardest work was yet to begin. In his wonderful “villa” in San Martino delle Scale, a few hills away from his beloved Palermo, Mister Termini weighted, blended and toasted his precious beans and carried them personally at his coffee bar, the ancient one close to the Vucciria Market, the morning after to have them served. His attempts were unnumbered and many (clients, employees, friends) had a chance to express their opinion. It took him two years to achieve perfection. A masterpiece of coffee was born: “Caffè del Professore”.

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